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How Educators Around The World Are Implementing Mobile Learning (And What You Can Learn From Them)
July 21, 2014

“In less than a decade, mobile technology has spread to the furthest corners of the planet. Of the estimated 7 billion people on Earth, 6 billion now have access to a working mobile phone. Africa, which had a mobile penetration rate of just 5% in the 1990s, is now the second largest and fastest growing mobile phone market in the world, with a penetration rate of over 60% and climbing.”

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[Étude] L’université du futur vue par les étudiants
July 4, 2014

Connectée, flexible, accessible et tournée vers le marché du travail… Découvrez à quoi ressemble l’université de demain imaginée par 21 000 étudiants à travers le monde.


Les firmes américaines recrutent dans les MOOC
July 2, 2014

La guerre des talents passe par les MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), les cours en ligne ouverts et massifs. C’est ce que suggère la direction du groupe américain de télécommunications ATT, lorsqu’elle s’associe avec Udacity pour mettre sur pied des « nanos », des cours informatiques de six à douze mois qui démarreront à l’automne.



Coursera shifts focus from ‘impact on learners’ to ‘reach of universities’
July 2, 2014

Levin seems enamored of the scale of Coursera (8.2 million registered students, etc), but I can find no concrete statements in his recent interviews that focus on actual learning results or improvements to the learning process (correct me in the comments if I have missed some key interview). This view is very different from the vision Koller was offering in December. In her vision, Koller attempts to improve impact on learners (the end) by using instruction from great university (the means).

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