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MOOCs in the developing world – Pros and cons
June 30, 2014

Massive open online courses have brought education from top universities to armchair scholars across the globe. Now some are wondering whether MOOCs, as they are called, could help elevate developing nations.

Advocates say the MOOC could bring quality instruction to poverty-stricken places where university attendance is little more than a fantasy. But critics worry that the largely Western-style courses could equate to a new form of imperialism and push out more effective forms of education.

Just two years into its existence, the MOOC has blossomed worldwide – including in developing nations such as India and China.

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The future of universities: The digital degree
June 30, 2014

The staid higher-education business is about to experience a welcome earthquake

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You can now download the learning data of over 1 million students in MIT and Harvard MOOCs
June 6, 2014

“Learning data from open online courses hold great promise for research, but good research must be replicable by others,” commented Andrew Ho, an associate professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and co-chair of the HarvardX Research Committee. “By sharing these de-identified data, we hope to show that we can protect information about individuals while still enabling replicable research about what works in online learning.”

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Business School, Disrupted
June 2, 2014

“The question: Should Harvard Business School enter the business of online education, and, if so, how?

Universities across the country are wrestling with the same question — call it the educator’s quandary — of whether to plunge into the rapidly growing realm of online teaching, at the risk of devaluing the on-campus education for which students pay tens of thousands of dollars, or to stand pat at the risk of being left behind.”